Neural Computer, a Dystopian Future

Introducing a Neural Computer. Unlike classical computers, which use boolean operations, or quantum computers, which use unitary operations, Neural Computers use human brains to solve problems. When you feed it input, a human will look at it, analyze it, and come up with a valid output.

By paying $x, you can buy a cloud instance of our Neural Computer with y units of humans to operate with. We have a grid full of multiple intelligent people, so availability isn’t an issue.

With even a small unit of our Neural Computer, you can solve traditionally hard problems such as program synthesis, visual/auditory recognition, NLP, and physical simulation. Try it out today at

Unity Project Browser Extension – Back and Forward Buttons

If you use Unity, you might soon realize that it’s a lot more barebones than advertised. One of the missing features is the ability to travel to a previous folder in the project browser. I wanted to fix that, so I added them myself.

Using a bit of reflection magic, I made it possible to go back or forward in your folder history. I put the full source code on GitHub so you can download it in the link below:

Last checked for Unity 2018.2.14. Let me know if anything’s up.